Be Encouraged!


Be Encouraged!

"He Is" by Rachel Blevins

by WCFM Contributors on 08/21/10


The names describing Jesus are many and diverse.  There is something about His character that appeals to each one of us.  Jesus transcends all barriers, all cultures.  Jesus is all things to all people.

To the doubter He's I AM.

To the zoologist He's the Lion, the Lamb.

To the astronomer He's the Morning Star.

To the gardener He's the Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, True Vine, Branch

To the builder He's the Chief Cornerstone, the Carpenter's Son.

To the electrician He's the Light of the World, Father of Lights.

To the fisherman He's the Fisher of Men.

To the farmer He's the Good Shepherd.

To the merchant He's Redeemer.

To the orator He's the Word.

To the genealogist He's the Root of David, Seed of Abraham.

To the psychologist He's Wonderful Counselor.

To the reporter He's Good News.

To the prisoner He's Deliverer.

To the student He's Teacher, Rabbi.

To the navigator, traveler He's the Way.

To the intellectual He's the Omniscient One.

To the nurse, doctor He's the Great Physician.

To the refugee He's a Fortress.

To the early riser He's Dayspring (early dawn).

To the slave He's Master.

To the artist, musician He's Creator.

To the preacher He's Prophet.

To the athlete He's the Beginning and the End, First and Last, the Alpha and Omega.

To the baker, the hungry He's the Bread of Life.

To the liar He's the Truth.

To the orphan He's Father, Everlasting Father.

To the lawyer He's Mediator, Advocate, Lawgiver, Messenger of the Covenant, Witness, Righteous Judge.

To the sick He's the Healer.

To the mourner He's the Comforter.

To the geologist He's the Rock of Ages.

To the fearful He's Emmanuel, Omnipresent One.

To the destitute He's Jehovah Jireh, the Provider.

To the poor He's Heir of All Things.

To the weak He's the Mighty God, Omnipotent One.

To the thirsty He's the Living Water.

To the wounded He's the Balm of Gilead.

To the unclean He's the Holy One.

To the church He's High Priest, The Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.

To those dead to sin He's the Resurrection and the Life.

Rachel Blevins ©1994

Oh, Prophetic Women!" The Call of God to an Army of Supernatural Women! by Reeni Mederos

by WCFM Contributors on 03/15/10

Reeni Mederos:

The Lord is saying, "I have My eyes on you, daughters of the Most High God. You have not been forgotten and you will surely rise to your destiny in this last day move of My Spirit. You have been crying out and you have been birthing like a pregnant woman in labor about to give birth to the new thing I am doing in the earth."

He is saying, "Hold on! Your labor has not been in vain and your seeds of tears will reap a harvest of joy! Many children are you birthing and many lives will come to Me because of you. Hear oh Prophetic Women, you who love My heart, you who have poured out your life, engaging your soul in intercession and birthing supernatural miracles in the hidden places of divine conception—Heaven has come to you now!"

Prophetic Women Are Being Caught Up into His Presence

Like a new breed of Marys on the rise, God has implanted His divine seed in the hearts of many women around the world who hear His voice—who are being trained, who mother in the natural and in the spirit, who have nurtured, who have fought like an army of Warrior Brides, who have been faithful in times of persecution and times of hardship. They are making room and preparing the way of the Lord for a supernatural move of the Spirit to accomplish His will on the earth as it is in Heaven.

There are specific whirlwinds of the supernatural presence of the Lord where prophetic women of all walks of life are being "caught up" into the glory cloud of God and receiving divine visitations, divine impartations, divine healings, divine direction, divine strategies, divine wisdom and divine favor as they realize this is not the storm of the enemy, but the very high wind velocity of the Spirit of God.

Times and events are moving rapidly and the Lord is saying, "Come up here! For there is yet a work to do that I have planned especially for you that is higher than your thoughts and higher than your ways and extends to the highest Heavens if you will hold My hand; hold on and trust Me and I will teach you to soar with eagles wings."

God's women of all ages, races and cultures are emerging from the hidden places of obscurity to the frontlines of favor. They are like a generation of Esthers and Deborahs with a supernatural edge that is breathtaking and soothing to the soul. The older women's wisdom is deep like a well of living water that never runs dry and has been prepared by the Lord—that is ready for drinking. The younger women will exude life and vibrancy that reveals the beauty of the glory of the Lord that is contagious with the joy of the Lord.

Even the little girls and babies hold the preciousness of newness of life that reflects the very face of God and the nature of Heaven. When you look into their eyes, you see Heaven there. For the purity and innocence they possess is without question the very attributes of our Lord embodied in these little ones who are called by His name.

God's women are tender and kind with hearts of compassion, built with a warrior instinct like a lioness who cares for her cubs, nurturing and protecting the glory of the Lord while building the Kingdom of God. They are natural nurturers who feed and protect, support and encourage and train and develop. These are the attributes God is using in a supernatural way which He is causing to come to the forefront. The Lord is taking them higher in their capacity to nurture from a natural level to a supernatural level like never before.

To the broken they bring healing. To the homeless they bring hospitality and refuge. To the addicted they bring freedom of life. To the rejected they pour in God's acceptance and love to bring restoration where there has been devastation, trauma and tragedy. They war on behalf of their brothers and sisters, the Church, the lost—supporting men and women in spiritual battle who are called to set the captives free in every nation around the world. They are robed with supernatural favor, with righteousness and with a scepter of authority to bring down the strongholds of the enemy with the weapons of warfare called "God's love." They were born for divine relationship. They were born to display the beauty of the Lord.

Ambassadors of the Most High

Culture will not dictate to these powerful women of God, but they will be led forth by the Spirit of God as ambassadors of the Most High to do a special work in their own special way. They are a powerful army but they are also individuals who are very much loved by the Lord, each and every one. They are paving the way for the upcoming generations to learn to stand as a "gateway from Heaven to earth," operating in the power of God with Godly wisdom, character and integrity.

They are anointed to teach and instruct, preach and prophesy, engaging in the heavenly realms, moving in the supernatural, peering into the future of what is to come—all the while equipping a generation to know how to walk intimately with the Lord with deep devotion, and they are not afraid to fight in spiritual battle as co-laborers with Christ. They are soldiers at heart, lovers of God, nurturers of the human heart, and are God's watch-women on the wall ready to move at the Lords command at any moment's notice.

Highly skilled in sensitivity, they are naturally gifted by God to feel the heartbeat of the Lord in a very unique and special way. They are masters of social skill, able to communicate the heart and mind of the Lord with clarity and conviction. They are intelligent, brave, tender-hearted, passionate and bold as lions in their pursuit of following hard after the Lord with their whole heart—empowered by the Spirit of God with His anointing and His grace. The essence of Godly virtue is their strength and the fear of the Lord is their privilege which molds them into the image of Christ with deepest humility. They are women of virtue.

Proverbs 31:25-26 says, "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future. She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."

She is capable, strong, powerful and equipped with the very virtue of Christ. These beautiful ones in the sight of the Lord are mighty women of valor who are hearing the voice of the Lord calling them with clarity. They are not afraid to stand, not afraid to war, not afraid to give preference to their fellow brothers and sisters in genuine Godly humility as they yield themselves as servants and handmaidens of the Lord. The Lord is causing a new Godly confidence to arise from deep within to prepare them for the days ahead as they are given insight, foresight and apostolic strategy that are behind the scenes—the hidden treasures of the Lord who are bursting forth as a prototype of what the Bride of Christ will look like at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

They Will Shine Forth in Remarkable Brilliance

These are pioneers of newer and higher dimensions in the Lord that have been granted access into the heavenly realms as never before. They are secured in His love as they are first called to be intimate worshipers of God with a supernatural grace, live in forgiveness and extend mercy towards the injustices they may have incurred throughout the generations. Like Stephen, who was a man full of faith and Holy Ghost power, this mighty army of God's prophetic women will do great wonders and miracles among the people. Because they are so hidden in the love of God, the gaze of the glory of the Lord will shine forth from their countenance in remarkable brilliance.

The Lord says, "Her face is like the face of an angel. She will look steadfastly into Heaven and see the glory of the God and be a living testimony of one who lives under the open heavens of the Lord Most High. She is seated in heavenly places and many will gaze upon her and see the favor and pleasure of the Lord that is resting upon her shoulders in whom I am well pleased and have anointed and appointed for such a time as this."

Her voice is gentle and sweet and her heart is compassionate, proclaiming the Word of the Lord with boldness and producing peace and hope in the hearts of mankind. She is sensitive to the heart of the Lord as a Bride is in love with her Bridegroom. Deeply marinated in the love of the Father, these mighty armies of women have been training their inner perceptions as they have been gazing upon the face of the Lord in the midst of adversity. They have been learning at the feet of Jesus, broken like the alabaster box and now ready to be poured out to the nations as a sweet and beautiful fragrance to the Lord.

They are leaders and mothers, business women and politicians; they are housewives and pastors, prophets and seers, teachers and nurses, sisters and grandmothers, homemakers and children of the Lord who have crowned the King of Kings with their worship and praise as He is moved with compassion and love to restore the hearts and lives of many of these precious souls whom He cherishes with an undying love.

Prophesy Daughters of Zion, Prophesy!

The Lord is saying, "Come to Me, sweet daughters of Mine, and I will heal your broken hearts. I will heal your broken dreams. For the land that you once knew as desolate has become a land of promise flowing with milk and honey. You are of a different spirit, a different breed, of a different kind. Sit with Me in heavenly places that I may use you as a 'gateway from Heaven to earth'—releasing supernatural signs and wonders that can only be released as you are hidden and rested in My love."

God is calling, wooing, honoring and healing many women from the valley of dry bones. Like Ezekiel prophesied to the dead bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14, the Lord is saying to His prophetic women, "Prophesy daughters of Zion, prophesy! Call forth that which is not into that which will be and watch new life emerge within your being that will pour forth from your lips of praise as words of beauty, words of healing and words of comfort be dispersed to My people. Prophesy the Word of the Lord in your desolate places and be redeemed of the ancient ruins of the past.

"Call forth the way of the Lord into existence—the road of your future with the oracles of God that have been deeply planted in your hearts. Do not listen to the voice of the enemy. Only listen to what I say about you. Open your vision to a brighter day. Write down what you see ahead in a book of remembrance. Your beauty has captured My heart," says the Lord. "The beauty of your heart, the beauty of your sacrifice, the beauty of your countenance and the beauty of your inner being towards Me have become a song in My heart."

The Lord is Singing and Dancing Over His Girls

The Lord is singing over His vast army of women in these last days. A new song of restoration is being released. The Heavens will display new wonders as a result of the song that God sings over them. Generational curses will be broken, emotional bondages will be healed. Godly relationships will be renewed and broken ones will not be too late for God to restore. God is singing and rejoicing over His women as they are emerging to a greater level of authority and power and virtue in Christ.

The Lord is saying, "There is more, so much more! Open your eyes and dare to receive My favor upon you in a new way. Stretch forth your hands which hang down and dare to dream again. I have promised to wipe away the tears of despair and make new your shattered dreams. Am I not the God of resurrection that can breathe new life into that which is dead? Is this too difficult for Me? Surely not! Your dreams are not dead, just sleeping. Daughters of Zion, come forth!"

The Lord is literally dancing and singing over His girls in this season. He is preparing a banqueting table for them in the presence of their enemies. Jesus is the One who is personally serving them at His banqueting table bestowing honor, value, dignity and perfect love upon them as with their own personal crown. Like a royal wedding banquet, the Lord is feasting and celebrating His women who are precious in His sight.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good and eat of My goodness, drink of My love for the time of singing has come. Your time of celebration is here! Spring is in bloom and the winter is over. Rejoice, daughters of the Most High, rejoice! Dance, sing, and clap your hands! Let the songs of the Lord be released from your innermost being and birth life, for I am giving you many children to bear with joy! I am celebrating YOU!" says the Lord.

This is a New Day of Joy

As a result of God's move on the earth in the release of the daughters of Zion in greater measure, the Lord is healing barrenness and many barren wombs will open and will be a sign that the Lord has opened up the natural and spiritual wombs of many of His daughters. Fruitfulness and multiplication will pour forth in supernatural measure that will be a sign and a wonder on the earth.

The enemy will not close up the womb of God's women any longer, nor will he kill the birth of her children as she is hidden in the secret place of the Most High under the protection of the wings of the angel of the Lord. God has appointed the angelic host of Heaven to guard that which He is birthing. That which was doomed to death will actually live instead. Like Moses was hidden and spared for a divine purpose to deliver the children of Israel, so shall a generation of deliverers be born and raised up for the glory of the Lord as a result of the labor pains of these chosen ones.

This is a new day of joy for God's chosen women. It is a day to celebrate! It is a new day of giving birth to the move of the Spirit that will not become a still born because it is a sovereign move of the Spirit on the last day generation of Esthers and Deborahs.

The Lord is saying, "Believe again My daughters. Dare to believe the impossible and you will receive the impossible as you move into a new realm of the supernatural. I have chosen you for this time and you will be My beautiful Esthers and Deborahs in the land of the living, raising up that which was dead, delivering the oppressed and redeeming that which was lost. Restoring hope to the hopeless, your message is that of hope and good news as you are seated in heavenly places with Me; and seated in heavenly places you will remain which I have ordained for you from the foundations of the world.

"I have chosen you as the apple of My eye and I have loved you with an everlasting love that can never be quenched! For My love is as strong as death and I have been jealous over you. You have captured My heart. I honor you and I celebrate you with great joy!"

Love and blessings in Christ!

Reeni Mederos
Warrior's International, Inc.

Reeni Mederos is a licensed and ordained prophet and psalmist under the covering of Dr. Bill Hamon and Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN) of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, along with her husband, Rob Mederos. Reeni and Rob Mederos reside in the Atlanta, Georgia area with their three children and have been operating in prophetic ministry for over 20 years. They are the founders of Warrior's International, Inc., (formerly known as the Warrior's Cave), a cutting-edge prophetic and apostolic training worship center that is "dedicated to raising up a new breed of end-time warriors for the new millennium." Reeni is also the founder and administrator of Warrior's International University School of Prophet's conducting local and online prophetic schools and schools for psalmists for the past 10 years where she teaches, trains, activates, equips and mentors apostolic and prophetic students from around the world that is easily accessible to anyone in the world who has high speed internet access.

The Birthing of Miracles - Prepare to Deliver the Dreams of God

by WCFM Contributors on 03/15/10

During 2010, I believe we will see the multiplication of the miraculous works of God. As He raises up a great company of women (Psalm 68:11NASB), He is also bringing men alongside, so spiritual procreation and the birthing of dreams will be naturally supernatural.

Jesus came to give life...abundantly, and life is created by division and multiplication. When a baby develops, the cells divide and multiply to form "the dream." Even Elohiym divided Himself, so He could multiply Himself. He's still doing that today, multiplying Himself as He forms Christlikeness in His Believers, so they can cover the earth with the knowledge of His glory.

I love how our Heavenly Father never gives up on us! The Word says in Galatians 4:19, "My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you." Beloved, Holy Spirit is hovering over His people; the power of the Highest is waiting for the full gestation of miraculous seeds deposited in the spiritual wombs of many. It's time for holy deliveries to come forth!

Prepare to Deliver the Dreams of God

Unfortunately, the oneness needed for procreation of miracles has sometimes been absent in the Body of Christ—namely, that of male and female serving in unity. As you know, Jesus and the Father are one. So it is that we actually only reach our true individuality when we are merged with one another. A paradox, indeed. But Jesus said, "The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one" (John 17:22). Therefore, we are not created to live and function independently, but interdependently. In fact, the Church itself was birthed out of unity with 120 people (male and female) in the Upper Room.

During this season of restoration, miraculous seeds in the spiritual wombs of God's people are waiting to explode with good news. But, as with any delivery, the proper timing and position is crucial. So, as a great company of women prepare to deliver the dreams of God, it's important they are covered and nurtured by men of God. As one, for one!

Friends, if it has seemed dark for a while, be still as the Creator overshadows thee. Ponder His dreams in your heart.

Run with Your Dreams

As we walk into a season of fruitfulness, remember it's important to find someone to share the dreams of God with. Of course, we don't share with any who might try to kill the firstborn. Rather, we find those whom we trust, with like-mindedness. Do you recall how the Virgin Mary hurried to Elizabeth and shared about the birth of a miracle? The Scripture says, Mary hurried...ran...with her dream. And when she did, the miracle leapt in Elizabeth's womb—Alleluia! In fact, Luke chapter one says Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Beloved, Mary found someone to bear witness with the truth.

I'm saddened when I hear people speak of their dreams, often with prophetic words hovering over them, but they haven't done anything with them. Friends, let's be as Mary—hear the Word of God, believe, pray...and then get off our knees and on our feet and run to live out the promise! Let's also be mindful that those whom God is bringing around us may be spiritual midwives. They may be the ones God is sending to help protect the "baby," as with Moses in Exodus 1.

As you pray to step into the birthing of your miracle(s), let's look at some processes necessary in order for the grand event to take place.


First of all, preparation is crucial. If the baby/dream is too small, the Lord may have you wait until it grows in hiddenness—in the womb of God. He may bring others around to feed and nurture the dream, infusing it with love to generate miracle growth. If the baby/dream is too big, the Great Physician may bring more support. The deliverer (you) must stay in peace, so coaching from trusted individuals is very important. Focus, focus, focus on Jesus!

Let's say, for example, a huge dream is deposited in a small church/ministry—then the Body there must stay in unity, as there is strength in numbers. It's through their intercession that hindrances are pushed aside so the birthing is smooth.

Do not despise small beginnings, Beloved. Remember, everything you see now was hidden at one time until it was birthed. Dreams are fashioned into the seen from the unseen. So, as you ponder these things in your heart, can you visualize the beautiful baby/dream so it can be seen? Try thinking of your sanctified imagination as your Heavenly Father's ultrasound pictures.


Humility is the perfect position for any miracle to be born. Who knows, perhaps you'll be led to a little stable rather than a state-of-the-art delivery center. Humble beginnings are of God—even the Son of God emptied Himself and became poor for our sakes. In other words, He laid aside the glory; He voluntarily placed restraint on the power of His Father. He knew He must accept hardship, isolation, mistreatment and misunderstanding; He was sent as Love for unlovely men. He came so that through His poverty we might become rich.

Look at Elijah's position. Certainly his humble posture in 1 Kings 18 is no coincidence. The inspired Word shows us an important position in birthing. It's called prayer! Going low and staying low is extremely significant with Christ Himself, as with Elijah. In 1 Kings we see Elijah bent over. He was praying for showers of blessing to return to Israel. Do we need showers of blessing to return to the Church today? Travail works. Elijah's position and persistence paid off! And what about Moses, the most humble man on earth, who led two or three million people?

I'm telling you, friends, the revival that's coming will take mega grace to sustain, so it must be led by the humble, as we know God gives grace to the humble.

Only Believe

Luke 1:37 says, "Nothing will be impossible with God." Alleluia—expectation is the greenhouse for miracles. There may be times during pregnancy of vision that we cry out, "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief!" (Mark 9:24) That's okay. The Lord knows waiting can be uncomfortable and difficult, but don't give up! God's timing is perfect and HE always delivers His promises. He is not a man that He can lie.

While waiting, remember it's crucial to speak words of life over your dreams, not vice versa. Remember Zacharias in Luke 1. He was a priest of the Jewish temple. He and Elizabeth were very holy people. They had prayed for children, but had never been able to have a child. Now, they were too old.

Then, the angel Gabriel appeared. Zacharias was afraid, but the angel said to him,

Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your petition has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you will give him the name John. You will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth. For he will be great in the sight of the Lord; and he will drink no wine or liquor, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit while yet in his mother's womb. And he will turn many of the sons of Israel back to the Lord their God. It is he who will go as a forerunner before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the disobedient to the attitude of the righteous, so as to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.—Luke 1:13-17 NASB

Zacharias should have had faith and given thanks to God for the good news, but he was not convinced. He told the angel that he and Elizabeth were too old to bear a child. Due to his lack of faith, the angel told Zacharias he would be unable to speak until his son was born. Now, we know that the power of life is in the tongue, so Zacharias was no longer allowed to speak words of death. He was muted, as God would not let unbelief be released.

Taking a position of belief as well as staying seated in heavenly places is crucial to the birthing of miracles. Where are we seated? According to Ephesians 2:6, in heavenly places. My, what a safe place to be, so your dreams are not thwarted or prevented by earthly hindrances. Beloved, are you in the right position for life/revival to be birthed?

Push, Push, Push

In the natural, pregnancy can be fun and exciting during the first few months. We want to run and share our joy with friends and family. We sing, dance and decree a thing so it shall be established (Job 22:28). Ah, but the final stages seem so very difficult. No more dancing, no more running; in fact, just bending over to tie our shoes seems to take lots of effort.

Spiritual birthing can be like that, too. Oh, but Beloved, do not grow weary in doing well. For in Isaiah 66:9 (NIV), the Word shows us we serve a God who delivers. It says,

"Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?" says your God."

"Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth?"

Beloved, I say to you today, even when it's difficult and takes a lot of effort—push, push, push! For what happens if the dreams of God are not delivered? How sad that His purposes would not be fulfilled. How sad that a touch of Heaven was not brought to earth because someone gave up.

Stay connected to a heavenly umbilical cord and feed your spirit so your dreams are nourished, friends. The world needs the multiplication of miracles. Devastated nations need a couple loaves of bread and some fishes. Now is the time, this is the hour for the Church to shine for Jesus.

Scripture Meditation:
Week one – Psalm 68:11
Week two – Luke 1
Week three – Ephesians 2 & 3
Week four – Job 22:28

Paulette Reed
Extreme Prophetic Ministries


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    and all around creation sings as, in us, He does rejoice.

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The laughter on the streets by day, as passers-by do greet,
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The rustling of the wheat in fields, birds’ flapping wings above –
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All creation now in worship of the King of kings, adored,
    and for each created being, He has so much more in store!

His daily song for us is played, as the rocks and trees cry out,
    so join your voices, to be heard, as His crescendo mounts;
With open ears and wide-eyed gaze, we’ll watch – expectantly –
    as Creator of the Universe plays His Magnificent Symphony.

    by Marilyn M. MacFarlane