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"He Is" by Rachel Blevins

by WCFM Contributors on 08/21/10


The names describing Jesus are many and diverse.  There is something about His character that appeals to each one of us.  Jesus transcends all barriers, all cultures.  Jesus is all things to all people.

To the doubter He's I AM.

To the zoologist He's the Lion, the Lamb.

To the astronomer He's the Morning Star.

To the gardener He's the Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, True Vine, Branch

To the builder He's the Chief Cornerstone, the Carpenter's Son.

To the electrician He's the Light of the World, Father of Lights.

To the fisherman He's the Fisher of Men.

To the farmer He's the Good Shepherd.

To the merchant He's Redeemer.

To the orator He's the Word.

To the genealogist He's the Root of David, Seed of Abraham.

To the psychologist He's Wonderful Counselor.

To the reporter He's Good News.

To the prisoner He's Deliverer.

To the student He's Teacher, Rabbi.

To the navigator, traveler He's the Way.

To the intellectual He's the Omniscient One.

To the nurse, doctor He's the Great Physician.

To the refugee He's a Fortress.

To the early riser He's Dayspring (early dawn).

To the slave He's Master.

To the artist, musician He's Creator.

To the preacher He's Prophet.

To the athlete He's the Beginning and the End, First and Last, the Alpha and Omega.

To the baker, the hungry He's the Bread of Life.

To the liar He's the Truth.

To the orphan He's Father, Everlasting Father.

To the lawyer He's Mediator, Advocate, Lawgiver, Messenger of the Covenant, Witness, Righteous Judge.

To the sick He's the Healer.

To the mourner He's the Comforter.

To the geologist He's the Rock of Ages.

To the fearful He's Emmanuel, Omnipresent One.

To the destitute He's Jehovah Jireh, the Provider.

To the poor He's Heir of All Things.

To the weak He's the Mighty God, Omnipotent One.

To the thirsty He's the Living Water.

To the wounded He's the Balm of Gilead.

To the unclean He's the Holy One.

To the church He's High Priest, The Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.

To those dead to sin He's the Resurrection and the Life.

Rachel Blevins ©1994

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               “MAGNIFICENT SYMPHONY!”

Upon the earth creation waits, as God’s symphony erupts,
    then each created part gives voice, which no one interrupts;
It’s God-ordained in beauty – it’s His magnificent voice –
    and all around creation sings as, in us, He does rejoice.

He spoke the word with vibrant strength, thus, with our finite ears,
    we hear the sweetness in His song, while fighting back the tears.
Each day this gift is given – in all shapes and sounds and forms –
    in places we would not expect, it comes to life in storms.

The rustling of the leaves on trees, the backfire of a car,
    the rumbling of a train on tracks – sounds emanate from afar;
The roaring of a jet airplane over majestic mountain side,
    by His reverberating tones, even these, in Him, abide.

The laughter on the streets by day, as passers-by do greet,
    the whistling of the tall, lank man, as shrill and soft do meet;
A mother’s gentle voice resounds as soothing comfort’s sought,
    and even in a precious hug, love’s melodic voice is caught.

The croaking of the frog at night, the rippling on the pond,
    the gentleness of doves’ soft coo, as sun appears at dawn;
The daisies dancing merrily, to the wind’s cool, passing breeze,
    birds chirping in the highest realm of swaying, beautiful trees.

The rustling of the wheat in fields, birds’ flapping wings above –
    the clouds, carried by on gentle winds, evidence of His song of love;
All creation now in worship of the King of kings, adored,
    and for each created being, He has so much more in store!

His daily song for us is played, as the rocks and trees cry out,
    so join your voices, to be heard, as His crescendo mounts;
With open ears and wide-eyed gaze, we’ll watch – expectantly –
    as Creator of the Universe plays His Magnificent Symphony.

    by Marilyn M. MacFarlane